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Bitcoin is apart of Cryptocurrency. It is unclear currency trading. Only number and denomination are exchanged.

The 7th Ijtima of Fatwa Commission from the Indonesian Council of Religious Scholars in Jakarta, on the 09/11/2022, agreed on 17 points of discussion and one of them is cryptocurrency law.

Rules of law:

1. The use of cryptocurrency as a currency is haram because it contains ghirar, dharar and againsts the law No. 7 of 2011 and Bank Indonesia Regulations No. 17 of 2015.

2. Cryptocurrency as commodities/digital assets is illegally traded because it contains gharar, dharar, qimar and not aligible Sil’ah according to syar’i, such as; there is a physical, having a value, known the number for sure, property rights and can be handed over to the buyer.

3. Cryptocurrency is eligible commodities/assets as a sil’ah and has a basis and clear benefits legally valid to be traded. (NAP)

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